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The Little Known Causes Behind Rising Food Prices

I am Power Mom of the Prepared Housewives, Kim Power Stilson, and I really liked this article by Steve Shenk.

The cost of food has been rising dramatically over the last year and while the obvious doesn’t need to be pointed out, a voice of warning needs to be raised so we can understand the contributing factors to the problem. By becoming aware of the different “levers” that affect the price of food, one can read the news with a more discerning eye and understand the real truth beneath the sanitized information given us in an attempt to lull and pacify us so we won’t do anything. By educating and preparing yourself, you empower yourself to predict your own future—a future that affords you peace of mind.

Right now, there are three main contributing factors to why the price of food has gotten out of control. While you may be able to do little about the factors themselves, when understood, you can create a strategy so as not to be held hostage by their effects.

The price of oil and fuel is a major cause of food price increases and one of the most volatile. Differing ideologies, terrorism, and just plain greed cause the price of oil to jump in an instant. In fact, Iran’s recent retaliation for recent U.S. and EU sanctions is driving an oil price increase that already has 2012 starting off with some of the highest gas prices we’ve seen for this time of year.

Due to the transportation costs associated with making and moving your food, it makes sense that as soon as gas prices rise, food prices will be close behind. In fact, if you chart food and oil prices together, you will see that they march in step with one another.

While you can’t control the price of oil, you can anticipate how turmoil on the other side of the world will impact your food budget.

Another contributing factor to rising food prices is the worldwide famine. Droughts and floods have decimated food crops the world over. China and India are buying up food and farm land at an alarming pace in the wake of their recent crop failures. Add to this the fact that commodities markets can manipulate global prices for their gain and you can see how a global food problem impacts what you buy at your corner grocery store.
Now you may think that U.S. farmers would benefit from their crops being sold for top dollar overseas, but as you’ll see in a moment, there is only so much land to farm with and if it is used for other purposes than growing food then the benefit of exporting isn’t fully realized. What else would farmers be using their land for? That brings us to our final factor.

Ethanol production takes away farmland that benefits food production and contributes to a vicious cycle that most of us are unaware.

Ethanol, which is made from agricultural feed stocks, is used as a biofuel additive for gasoline with the intent of holding rising gas prices at bay. At first take, addressing rising gas prices appears a noble endeavor, but by understanding the cause and effect relationship inherent in the overall process, one can easily see how quickly this program accelerates the food price problem.

Put quite simply, the government subsidizes farmers to grow corn for ethanol. These government subsides make it so it isn’t cost effective for farmers to grow corn for cattle feed. The reduction in supply of cattle feed pushes up the demand for feed not only raising the price of feed, but the cost of beef. With the price of feed rising, the government must then provide more subsidies to farmers to keep them from making the switch away from growing corn for ethanol production. This raises the cost of ethanol and by so doing the cost of gas. And as we’ve already stated, as the cost of fuel rises so does food. As you can see the government’s plan to solve one problem—fuel costs—has not only exacerbated it, but contributed to another ongoing problem—rising food costs. (Something that is on par for most government programs.)

So with rising fuel costs caused both at home and abroad and the world community pulling on our food production resources, it may feel as if our hands are tied. Fortunately, there is something you can do.

By buying food today at current prices, you are able to “freeze the market” in time. Price increases that will come won’t affect you because of your stock on hand. You are hedging against tomorrow’s food prices. You are also buying insurance for the “perfect storm” when all three factors explode at once. When this happens—once again, not a matter of “if” but, “when”—you will see a scenario where your grocery store will be limited to what is on hand. And once that supply is gone, it is gone. The food you have stored will enable you to be free of the effects of lack of supply and rising prices.
So be informed. Continue to educate yourself so you not only know, but understand what is happening in the world. As you can see, it really is a matter of life and death.

Steve Shenk, food expert and author

Steve Shenk, food expert and author

About Contributing Writer, Steve Shenk:
Steve Shenk, noted food expert, is an educator, corporate executive, and philosopher, with forty years as a successful entrepreneur in the food industry. His expertise and leadership on food safety issues have positively impacted the lives of thousands with a prevention-based strategy to ensure the availability, price and safety of food. Steve is also presently heard almost any day of the week across multiple radio networks as a guest of some of America’s most notable talk show programs. For more information please visit,


eMedia Revolution Talk Radio Show Features Live Interview with Author Phillip “Big Dog” Jones

Host Kim Power Stilson and guest host, Angella Joy, Discuss Worlds of the Crystal Moon Fantasy Series with Guest Author on Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network and KSTAR 1400 AM

eMedia Revolution Talk Host, Kim Power Stilson

Provo, UT – September 15, 2010 – Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network today announced a Live interview with locally acclaimed author Phillip “Big Dog” Jones during the eMedia Revolution Talk Radio Show with host, Kim Power Stilson and guest host, Angella Joy. (To listen please visit and click to listen at the scheduled eMedia Revolution program time.)

Worlds of the Crystal Moon Author, Phillip Big Dog Jones

Phillip Jones is widely known for his Worlds of the Crystal Moon fantasy series, which started him on a book signing frenzy since 2009.  Worlds of the Crystal Moon book one and its latest 4th edition are rapidly selling at Cosco, Barnes and Noble, and on-line as well as other venues where Big Dog has been asked to speak or host events. School and city Libraries have welcomed him with open arms throughout the country. The 2nd edition of book two will also soon be available, and book three is underway.

His first Barnes and Noble event attracted 500 fans.  Phillip has become known for his entourage of costumed action and dancing character portrayals celebrated during book signings at the Salt Lake Library and Barnes and Noble. Heavy pressure to turn his dream into a 200 million dollar movie is Big Dog’s ongoing task. He wants to film it locally and has also been interviewed by Good Things Utah.  Hollywood is starting to take notice of this engaging proposition.

A startling dream that awoke Phillip on October 16, 2007 changed the course of his life.  He immediately started to write the impressions from his dream in as much detail as his vocabulary would allow. Not having ever written formally before, he is known for having his fans and readers send comment or scrutiny concerning their impressions of his first edition. Thus the books series is in part a compilation of Phillip’s own work blended with public ingenuity, which sets this series apart as a unique form of creation.

“We enjoyed interviewing Phillip Jones about his book, Worlds of the Crystal Moon,” said Angella Joy.  “Phillip’s story is unique and his book brilliant.”

Phillip Jones is a North Carolina native was raised in Colorado by a loving Aunt Judy. His Broomfield Eagles football name “Big Dog” still sticks.  He served in the Navy and has two sons. He currently resides in Utah and loves to scuba dive and to cruise on his motorcycle.  For more information at his book, please visit

About eMedia Revolution Talk Radio Show:
Take back your Power! Duplicate Yourself! Work faster, greener and easier with eMedia!  Join eMedia Strategist and Host Kim Power Stilson as she talks with guests who share their eMedia savvy and online business success stories.  Featured eMedia Feature Hosts include; Angella Joy, Tom Egan, Carla Russell, and David Ryan.  eMedia Revolution is syndicated to KSTAR 1400 AM and several other Internet Talk Radio Networks.    To listen online, daily at 2 p.m. Mountain Time, please visit,

About Kim Power Stilson:
Author of the “Ten Buck Solution for 21st Century Success”  and the “eMedia for Your Business” 5-Step Training Series, Kim Power Stilson, is an eMedia Strategist who has helped thousands of small business owners share their message s online.   As a pioneer of Internet Talk Radio, she and Tom Egan founded Web Campus World Wide.   Kim divides her time between her home in Utah and her family home in County Waterford, Ireland.  Power Strategies is an eMedia & PR company which offers the ‘eMedia in a Box” Boot Camp, please visit www.powerstrategies.TV and  eMail kim@powerstrategies.TV or Skype:  Kim.Power.Stilson.

About Angella Joy:
Actress, model, voice talent and feature talk radio host, Angella Joy began developing her love of the arts through theater and vocal performances.  Angella is an eclectic mix of sassy, professional, undercover, sexy, and mommy, beginning with her first Touched by an Angel appearance and many other commercial, film, and television roles.  She has worked with celebrities such as Wynonna Judd, Marcia Cross, Anne Heche, Roma Downey, and many others. The oldest of 9 children, Angella Joy is a single mother, business owner, teacher, actress, decorator, and musician.  Contact Angella Joy at the Talent Management Group ( TMG) at 801-263-6940.

Christine Heathman Recaps Emmy’s Gifting Lounge Premiere & Interviews Oprah Author Daphne Rose Kingma on “What Gets Under Your Skin?”

Christine Heathman Recaps Emmy’s Gifting Lounge Premiere & Interviews Oprah Author Daphne Rose Kingma  on “What Gets Under Your Skin?”

Christine Heathman, talk radio show host of "What Gets Under Your Skin?"

Spanish Fork, UT – September 1, 2010 – Christine Heathman, LMT, ME, Industry Innovator, Educator, and CEO and Founder of GlyMed Plus ®, announced that today, on the “What Gets Under Your Skin?” talk radio show, she will provide personal highlights of her 2010 Emmy’s Gifting Lounge experience, and interview an Oprah favorite author, Daphne Rose Kingma, about her new book, Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart.

Christine will share all the exciting details of her 2010 Emmy’s Gifting Lounge  experience,  and talk about celebrity response to the GlyMed Plus featured products with listeners, before she introduces an author who has been interviewed six times by Oprah.

According to Christine Heathman, Daphne Rose Kingma is the perfect combination of an empathic friend, sage counselor, and savvy problem solver.

“In her new book, Ten Things to do When Your Life Falls Apart”,  Kingma looks straight into the predicaments so many of us face and offers ten deceptively simple, yet profoundly effective strategies for coping,” said Christine Heathman.  “To help listeners suffering from this type of stress, we will be discussing effective skin stress management.”

Christine Heathman’s mission is to share the true science behind what ages your skin and provide solutions to listeners by putting them in control of their own skin age management with the help of skin care professionals.  Christine’s talk radio show, “What Gets Under Your Skin?” broadcasts Live at Noon Mountain Time on Utah radio station KSTAR 1400 AM and replays daily at Noon and 1 p.m.  on select Internet syndication sites available by clicking the radio tab at

About Daphne Rose Kingma:

Dubbed the “love doctor” by the San Francisco Chronicle,  and six-time guest on Oprah, Daphne has appeared on numerous television shows, including Charlie Rose and CNN, and her work has appeared in a host of newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Times, Mademoiselle, Self, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and the Dallas Morning News. An inspirational author, relationship coach, and spiritual guide, Daphne Rose Kingma is the author of eleven books which have sold more than one million copies and have been translated into fifteen languages. A highly sought-after speaker, Daphne presents keynotes to audiences throughout the United States and in Europe and regularly conducts workshops for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and the Recreer Foundation in Paris, France. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

About Christine Heathman:

Christine Heathman is the skin age management expert who has helped shaped American Skin Care to what it is known as today.  Nominated “Legend” in American Aesthetics, Christine is a Medical Master Aesthetician with 25 years experience.  She hosts “What Gets Under Your Skin?” the syndicated talk radio show and appears as a guest expert on The Doctors, and The Balancing Act on the Lifetime TV Channel. Christine Heathman is the innovator behind GlyMed Plus Advanced Aesthetics and its skin care products, which are used in spas & medical clinics all over the world.  Christine Heathman and featured GlyMed Plus products were highlighted in the 2010 Emmy Awards Gift Lounge.  Please

Irish Girls Go Radio!

Fabulous  New Line Up of Talk Shows on Local KSTAR 1400 AM and Syndicate Internet Radio Network sites!

5 New Talk Radio Shows Offer Listeners Candid Solutions from age management, to business and health and wellness on Wednesday and Thursday Weekly!

New Talk Show Hosts by order of time slot include:

Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of Salem Counseling Center in Salem, hosts “Hypnotic Health” talk radio show from 11-12 p.m.

Christine Heathman, globally renowned skin age management expert and owner of GlyMed Plus headquartered in Spanish Fork for 17 years, hosts “What Gets Under Your Skin?” talk radio show from 12-1 p.m.

Glenda Christiaens, PhD, RN and President-elect of the American Holistic Nurses Association hosts at “Glenda the Good Nurse” talk radio show from 2-3 p.m.


Laura Jacobs, renowned natural health expert and owner of local Herbs for Health store in Pleasant Grove for over 15 years, hosts “A Healer in Every Home” talk radio show from 10-11 a.m.

Kim Power Stilson, eMedia strategist and author of the “Ten Buck Solution for 21st Century Success” with co-host David Ryan of Waterford Ireland hosts  “Healthy! Wealthy! How?” talk radio show from 11-12 p.m.

Listeners can join the discussion locally by tuning in every Wednesday and Thursday  from 10-3 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM.  All five talk show hosts offer replays of their Talk Shows originally live on KSTAR 1400 daily for easy-access listening on the following Internet syndicate stations.

Listen Daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the following syndicate sites:
Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network —
Web Campus World Wide Talk Radio Network —
SHOUTCAST Radio Network —

About “Hypnotic Health” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, Hypnotic Health hosted by Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, invites listeners to explore the relationship between emotional well-being and physical healing.  Contact:

About “What Gets Under Your Skin?” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, What Gets Under Your Skin? Join “Legend” Medical Master Aesthetician and skin age management expert, Christine Heathman, and her weekly guests as they discuss the outrageous skin care claims and sales ploys shared by today’s advertisers.  Visit

About “Glenda the Good Nurse” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, Glenda Christiaens, PhD, RN invites listeners to explore integrative healing options with interesting guests who discuss current issues in healing and wellness.  Contact:

About “A Healer in Every Home” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM,  A Healer In Every Home Live like you never lived before and learn to health yourself with Laura Jacobs, renowned natural health expert and founder of “A Healer in Every Home” global campaign.  Contact:

About “Healthy! Wealthy! How?” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, Kim Power Stilson, eMedia strategist and author of the “Ten Buck Solution for 21st Century Success” talks with guests who share their success stories.  Feature host Debbie Cluff. Contact:

Five French Bull Dogs and Skin Expert Launches Skin Care Line for Dogs

Christine Heathman, Founder of Glymed Plus Institute of Skin Science, Announces Pugsley’s Choice, a Skin Care Line She Created Specifically for Dog Lovers.

Orlando, FL – March 27th 2010 – Today, Christine Heathman, an avid animal lover and 30-year skin care industry and age management expert, today announced, the official re-release of her Pugsley’s Choice pet product line in correlation of the Global Pet Expo, March 25-27th in Orlando, FL.

Pugsley’s Choice, named after one of five of Christine’s beloved French Bulldogs, is a line of natural, eco-friendly products that aid dogs in preventing and resolving major skin problems in dogs.

According to Christine Heathman, founder of Glymed Plus Institute of Skin Science was searching for natural products for her pets when she decided to create a sister company which produced the products she needed for her own dogs.

“The PH of a canine’s skin is a neutral 7 to 7.4 while human skin is more acidic at 5.5 to 6.8. Any product manufactured for humans is too acidic and will cause irritation and flaking of your dog’s skin,” said Christine Heathman. “Some caustic chemicals pet owners unknowingly use on their dogs could cause illness and even death. I created Pugsley’s Choice so I could trust the products I use when bathing and caring for the skin of my family of pups.”

Christine Heathman coupled her decades of human skin care knowledge with expert assistance in developing natural pet formulas to create Pugsley’s Choice products which include FUR-ESH Super conditioning pet shampoo, FUR-EE Detangler and Glosser, STOP BUG-GIN’ ME! Flea and Tick Repellant and SNIFF-IT Odor Eradicator.

“My dogs are into everything and I needed to know I was bathing them in something that would nourish their skin, repels dirt, remove odor, provide shine and last to the next bath to help keep them healthy,” said Heathman. “Pugsley’s Choice Shampoo has naturally based organic conditioners that create the perfect PH for pet skin and hair and additionally include Cactus flower extract which has been used in American Indian cultures to heal minor burns, bites and scrapes. It does exactly what I need it too; it is affordable and gives me peace of mind.”

All Pugsley’s Choice products have the balance of both natural and bio-engineered preservative ingredients to prevent formula degradation. Without these safe and substantiated components, the products would require refrigeration. It is important to remember that all Pugsley’s Choice products are formulated to be safe to use around any two or four-legged, warm-blooded animals, including the new born.

For a full brochure on the products and for more information please visit

“Pot of Gold for Taylor” Fund Raiser to help Taylor McKean fight for her life!

Here is the update on the “Pot of Gold for Taylor” Fund Raiser to help Taylor McKean fight for her life!

We have a date, Friday April 2nd from 7-9 pm.

Thanks to Christine Heathman of GlymedPlus the Central Bank account for the donation of funds will be ready tomorrow.

Thanks to Vic, owner of Ottavio’s we have a food and a location. His home in Provo is central for a casual Italian dinner among donating friends. He will cook the food but we need to raise funds for ingredients as well as table ware and decorations.

Thanks to Geoffrey Power we have an accordion player to entertain us that night as well as special guest appearance of David Ryan from Waterford Ireland to play and crone on the guitar.

Thanks to Sean Loree we will have full media and press coverage. He will write the invite press release and I will write the advisory for that day and the follow up news release.

What we need:

Flyer/ invitation to the event in eform. I can have it printed as well to hang round people’s offices.
People to invite and RSVP Attendees
Dessert — suggestions?
Tableware and decorations — suggestions?
Gifts for Raffle — Christine has found some lovely products.

See our Hollywood news!!

For Every Home and Kardashian Sisters Candle Support Haitian Relief at an Academy Awards Event
For Every Home provides the new KARDASHIAN Birthday Cake candle at GBK’s Oscars Gift Lounge and Fund Raiser for Haitian Relief Efforts this Weekend at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Hollywood, CA – March 5, 2010 – Today, Paul and Becky J. Anderson, For Every Home founders, announced For Every Home’s sponsorship and contribution of the first candle in their new line of KARDASHIAN Candles to the GBK Production Oscars Gift Lounge and Haitian Relief Fund Raiser this weekend at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

For Every Home was pleased to sponsor fund-raising efforts by providing the first candle in their sister company, For Every Body and it’s new line of Kardashian candles manufactured exclusively for Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian.

“We are pleased to provide our new candles for For Every Home and GBK production’s efforts to raise money for Haiti at the Oscars,” said Khloe Kardashian. “Our new Birthday Cake candle is absolutely to die for and it makes your house smell amazing.”

The first candle in the Kardashian series, now available for purchase online, is the Birthday Cake scented candle, it is soy-based wax, eco friendly, burns for 60 hours providing an unmatched fragrance value for any home, comes complete with the For Every Body Signature birthday sprinkle topping, and is priced competitively for sale online at $14.

According to Becky J. Anderson, founder of the innovative fashion fragrance business with a mission to empower women to build a profitable and rewarding home-based business, she is pleased For Every Home could share its products to raise funds in such a trend-setting and glamorous occasion as the Oscars.
“The Academy Awards are watched by millions and a favorite of women everywhere. It’s a fun venue for our innovative fashion fragrance company that represents women and their home-based businesses in sharing fashion forward products,” said Becky J. Anderson. “Sharing the new KARDASHIAN Candle line and our For Every Home candles at such a glamorous event, and for such a good cause, is an honor.”

In 2007, Paul and Becky J. Anderson founded For Every Home to help make a difference in women’s lives. As the successful founder of a multi-million dollar company, For Every Body, Becky is using over fifteen years of experience to give women the tools they need to make their business successful. Becky watches trends closely to make sure everything offered is something women will love to have in their homes. For more information please visit
GBK Productions is a Special Events & Fundraising company that is dedicated to giving high quality, tailor-made service to its individual clients. GBK Productions is well known for integrating the Entertainment & Non-Profit industries to create unique and memorable high-profile National & International Events that maximize its clients fundraising efforts. For more information please contact Jolie Jankowitz at and

For media information please visit, or contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-615-0035 or or Evelyn Call at 801-368-7795.